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We can provide a full range of repair solutions using highly skilled engineers, both above ground and below ground.


 No Dig Repairs


Drain Relining

Drain re-lining is used to repair a damaged drain without the disruption of excavation. Lining can also seal open joints, cracks and fractures to prevent water escape / infiltration and root infestation. embed Video

Patch Lining

Patch lining can be used to repair specific defects and to reline around sharp bends

Re-Rounding and Lining

Pitch-fibre pipes were installed during 50’s, 60’s and 70’s and is now well past it’s design life.  Typically over time pitch fibre pipes have become deformed or collapsed.  Re-rounding and lining technology is a practical, cost effective and low impact solution.

All the above can be done without having to dig up your driveway, lawn, patio or internal floors.

Excavation Repairs

Drain lining isn’t possible when there are junctions, lateral connections or severely misaligned joints then drain excavation may be the only option to rectify any damaged or displaced drain pipes.


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